We provide full mouth cleanings, dental X-rays, and extractions because dental care is essential. All for your best friend to maintain fresh breath!

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Gum (periodontal) disease is one of the most common conditions affecting your pet. When left untreated, gum disease can cause pain, infections, heart problems, and absolutely terrible breath.

At Kindred Spirits Veterinary Clinic, we use anesthetics and safety procedures to minimize the risk to even the most geriatric patients. We routinely do dental scaling and polishing, extractions, and under the gum-line cleaning.

Pets undergoing dental cleaning and procedures receive:

We perform dental radiographs on all patients prior to any dental cleaning or dental extraction.

  • Preoperative blood work and examination
  • IV catherization and fluid therapy
  • Continuous patient monitoring
  • Pain control (when necessary)
  • Patient warming using the Bair Hugger warming system

And of course, your pet will get the constant attention of our Licensed Veterinary Technicians.