Internal Medicine

Trust our pet internal medicine expertise to ensure the ongoing health of your beloved companion. We provide comprehensive care and treatments to keep your pet in optimal condition.

Pet Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

At Kindred Spirits Veterinary Clinic, we provide internal medicine services to help prevent, diagnose, and treat several diseases that could affect your pet.

We have a fully functional lab and intensive care setting to identify and treat serious illnesses.

We also have advanced capabilities for endocrine diseases (such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism), cancer care, gastrointestinal disorders, urinary tract diseases, cardiology, feline medicine, and other long-term diseases that may affect your pet.

If your pet shows signs that have raised concerns for you, we’re here to help, and the sooner we diagnose or treat the cause of the symptoms, the sooner your pet can return to its usual self.

Vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, loss of appetite, increased thirst, coughing, difficulty breathing, and changes in urination or bowel movements are some frequent signs that may suggest an internal medical issue in pets. If your pet exhibits these symptoms, you must seek veterinarian assistance immediately. An internal medicine veterinarian can assist in determining the source of your pet’s symptoms and developing a treatment plan to help manage your pet’s condition.